April 14, 2008

Internet people are FAH-REAKS!

Kort got me on Yahoo Chat and it's fun to go there after Kayden is in bed and I'm bored. I've actually met a couple really cool people (not in person...though that's a future possibility). Last week, I got into a HILARIOUS conversation with a guy named Jeff. We talked for a couple hours and it was really fun. On Friday, we actually talked on the phone for a bit before dinner. On our way out on Saturday night, Kort and I decided to swing over by his bar and meet him for a drink.

He was nice and kind of cute and kind of funny and whatnot, so we invited him to come dancing with us. It was fun and we ended up hanging out most of the night. However, once we stopped dancing and started walking around and talking, I realized that he has ISSUES. He talked the entire time...never really asked me about myself or anything. And it wasn't fun talk. It was either about computers and programs (because I work with computers, guys assume I like to *talk* about computers) or about how "messed up" his family is. He just complained nonstop. He talked about some major issues he's dealt with in the past and how insecure he is and blahblahblah.

I feel like I couldn't get away fast enough. Now I'm trying to subtly remove myself from this situation (i.e. talking to him on chat less and less, avoiding his constant invitations to dinner, etc).

While I was online last night, he bugged me again about meeting him... "When are you free for dinner? Did I make an ass out of myself? Am I being too pushy? When are you free for dinner?"

At one point he asked what I was looking for as far as a relationship. I told him I absolutely don't want a relationship and my last one gave me indigestion.

I feel like I've had a lot of shit to deal with in my life (and still do), but I just can't sit and complain about everything. I deal with it and don't let it affect me. This guy? No, his baggage seems to rule his life and personality.

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