April 8, 2008

I'm worried I'm sending out the wrong signals.

When I go out, I don't think I'm blatantly sexual or whorish at all. In general, I'll hang out, chat a lot, goof around, and occasionally meet someone I hit it off with. I never dress slutty (and actually wear a ridiculous amount of layers) and I don't hang all over a guy in public.

But for some reason, I'm worrying that I'm giving off signals that I'm a whore or klassy or something. Not really at work or anything (although I think they all think I'm a huge partier)...just when I'm out. I really worry that because of this, I might scare away all the nice guys, which I don't want. I've definitely attracted too many freaks lately. And I feel like if a woman really enjoys having sex, she's opening herself to be viewed by others as a whore.

Anyhow, maybe I'm overanalyzing again...it just bothers me to think that others may be seeing me completely wrong. Sure, they'll see me out and about, being wild at a bar on a Friday night. But they don't see what I'm like the other 80% of the time: cleaning house, playing chess with my son, going hiking, taking care of household business, sitting at Starbucks with a friend, reading...

This rant was brought to you by the letter Q and the fact that an asshole said I seemed like the kind of a girl who "fucks a different guy each night."

I told him to fuck off.


He contacted me on yahoo chat last night. He asked if I was still mad, then he said he was really sorry and he likes me. I replied that I don't let the comments of strangers affect me. He then wrote, "Well, I didn't mean it in a bad way." I didn't (and won't) reply.

What a douche. He's lucky he's pretty, because he'll never get by on his personality or intelligence.

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