April 18, 2008

I'm noticing a strange phenomenon

in the world of dating.

Guys seem to be more like the stereotypical girls of the relationship. If this were an isolated incident, I would say it's just the guy. But for the most part, I'm sensing this is across the board. Here's what I have discovered in my four months of dating, talking to, sleeping with, or making out with guys:

- They want a relationship. Like a serious relationship.
- They get jealous.
- They like to talk. A lot. About themselves and their emotions.
- They like to do romantic stuff.
- They say things like, "Why are you so closed off?" or "Why aren't you more open?"
- They do intimate things like kissing foreheads or smelling hair or something.

Now, these are all things that are/used to be attributed to women, right? Maybe it's that this newest generation has so many boys who were raised by single mothers?

Whatever the reason, it's a little bizarre.

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