April 8, 2008

I met a male Kelli.

But not like, "Ooh, he's totally like the male version of myself!" No, his name is Kelly. He's supa-dupa sweet and totally adorable.

I'm not quite sure how it came to be that I was talking to him at Falling Rock, because ________ slipped me bourbon instead of the rum I had requested. But in any event, I ended up talking to him for HOURS. He's like a hippie do-gooder guy. He works for some kind of program that rebuilds bikes and gives them away (to homeless people or anyone who wants to help the environment and such). And he also lots of volunteer work for the homeless. His other job is gardening or something.

One thing I really liked about him is that he was open for anything. At one point, Kort and I and the people we were with wanted to go to a dance club...he was okay with it. Instead, he and I went to an Irish pub and danced a silly jig together on the dance floor. He's a lot of fun. Afterward, we walked around Denver until, like 3 a.m. just chatting. So much fun.

Anyhow, the reason for bringing this up now (I met him on Friday), is that last night he called me. I missed the call, but he left a voicemail asking if Kayden and I wanted to come over for dinner (oh, he cooks too...using stuff from his garden). It was totally cute and innocent, not like a skeevy "yeah, bring your kid (insert leer)" kind of way.

I called him back later and we (just he and I...not Kayden) arranged to meet up Friday night to hang out...and he's also going to try to meet me for lunch sometime next week.

While I do enjoy the crazy freaks like ________, it's really nice to hang out with a guy who's totally open and friendly and isn't afraid to call.

(Oh, and did I mention he's hot? And 6'3"?)

(And yes, we totally made out, in case you were interested. I gave him a tour of all the old dairy equipment in the haunted basement of my work and we ended up making out on the stairs. Only a couple hours later did we realize we were completely covered in dirt and dust.)

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