April 2, 2008

I may have partied too hard last night.

A few items of note:

- met a cute hippie/stoner named Ronnie...hung out with his friends for a bit. Since he works at the bar we went to, Kort's drink was only $2.

- got my foot stuck in a crevice at Falling Rock...yanked it out so hard, I flew out of my barstool and onto the floor.

- ________ totally cockblocked me last night: I started chatting with a cute guy and we were talking and laughing and whatnot. ________ came up and said, "Hey Kelli...sorry I didn't return your text last night..." It kind of cracked me up that he suddenly decided to bring that up. It's like he had to mark his territory or something with the other guy.

- Hung out with _______ at, like, 3 a.m. Don't remember too much of what happened after, except that at one point, I gave him a bloody nose. Don't know how it happened. At another point, he totally fell onto his head. I couldn't stop laughing. It was totally remniscent of me flying off of my barstool.

I absolutely love going out on the weeknights, as opposed to the weekends. It's so much more laid-back and quiet...a totally different atmosphere.

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