April 24, 2008

Golfing with ________, Unniversary, and Weirdness

1. ________ and I actually have plans to go golfing tomorrow. This will be the first time we go out and do anything together...away from his house and away from the bar. I'm a little nervous, because I'm not a very good golfer, but he plays in tournaments. I know he won't judge me or anything...I'd just like to impress the guy.

2. Kort and I decided for our upcoming anniversaries, we're going out on the Friday that falls between them. This will be our new "unniversary" and we will dress slutty and go out dancing to commemorate this special day. It certainly beats sitting at home and contemplating why our respective marriages failed.

3. I'm kind of confused about something because I don't know why I'm feeling a certain way. Last night while walking along 16th with Kort and Sean (a cute guy who Kort might start seeing), we met up with a guy named Cowan. I walked along and chatted with Cowan for a while, with our friends trailing us. He was fun and all and we were goofing off (dancing and whatnot). After a bit, though, he started getting kind of weird. He seemed to get really annoyed and somewhat scared by the presence of Sean (who is a pretty buff guy). He kept trying to get me to ditch them. That alone isn't weird.

But at one point, he grabbed my arm to stop me from leaving and at another time, backed me up against a rail so I couldn't really get away. I wasn't worried about my safety until he grabbed me...that's when I decided to get out of there. However, if it ever came down to physically protecting, I'm fairly confident in myself. Even if I lost a fight, the dude would be worse for the wear. I'm a scrapper, you know.

He kept bugging me for personal information like where I worked (I wouldn't tell him anything). It was about this time that I really wanted to ditch them. So as not to make things really weird, I told him, "Let's exchange numbers and meet up in the future," and then basically told him to go his own way and we'll go ours. As soon as Kort, Sean, and I walked away, he called me. He started really hassling me that he "needs a commitment" from me and I absolutely need to call him tomorrow and so on. Over the next hour, he called five times, which I didn't answer.

So, here's the thing, why am I so weirded out by this? This is not the first time nor even the worst instance of a guy getting really creepy on me. But for some reason, it just really, really bothered me. Even though Kort and I are very self-sufficient and always take care of each other, I have to say I was VERY glad Sean was around. I think things could have gotten bad if he weren't.

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