April 14, 2008

Dating the friend of a coworker?

Soooooo...who wants to hear about another dude? Yeah, I figured as much...but I'm still going to post.

On Friday night, Kort and I were heading downtown when I got a call from Celeste. This is one of my coworkers who I like a lot and she's also the mother of Kayden's best friend. We've hung out in the past, just the two of us, but it had been a long time. So, she called, said she was out with her friends and did we want to meet up. We met up with them. Her friends are John and Daniel. So, we all hang out and play pool together and everyone's having a great time.

Then we leave Falling Rock and go to a dance club. On the floor, I end up dancing with Daniel A LOT. And it's not "just-friends" type of dancing. After the club closes, we all leave together and head to Kort's house. Along the way, Daniel is super-flirty, holding my hand to warm it up, playfully pushing me, that kind of stuff.

After we hang out at Kort's for a bit, we head back to LoDo. Along the way, Daniel asks when he can see me again. We talk about it a bit, but I'm feeling kind of uncomfortable about doing this in front of a cw...no matter how cool she is. Also, it's a little weird because she knew Josh pretty well too (not like they're friends or anything, though).

So, um, when we got to our cars, Daniel asked again when he could see me and I'm not really sure what I said, but it was along the lines of "we'll figure it out..." and I got out of the car. I figured he could get my number from Celeste. The next day, I texted Celeste about something kind of random. She wrote back and said that "the guys loved you." That's a good sign, but I'm kind of worried that I played it badly with Daniel, because I felt so awkward about flirting and hitting on him in front of cw.

Anyhow, this was a whole lot of jibberish with not much of a point. Celeste is at work today and I really want to bounce into her office and scream, "WHAT DID DANIEL THINK OF ME?!?!? WHEN WILL HE CALL?!?!" But, you know, I can be professional and I'll not bother her with this in the workplace.

Oh, and on an interesting note, during the night the subject of Kayden came up. Sometimes I feel awkward about bringing up that I have a kid and all that. However, I realized that not only does Daniel know I have a kid, but he's actually met and hung out with Kayden already. When Kayden spent the night at his friend's house last, Celeste, her husband, and Daniel took the boys "panning for gold." That was kind of bizarre to realize...that the dude I was flirting with has already hung out with my kid.

***Oh, and before I forget, Daniel is from New Orleans and has the hottest Southern twang EVER. As well as a fleur-de-lis tattoo on his neck.***


I just brought a note to her (she was on the phone):

"It's very important you call (name of company lawyer) as soon as possible at (lawyer's phone #)...urgent matter.

And would you mind giving me Daniel's phone number so I can give him a call?"

I'm so super-smooth.

Further update:

While chatting with Daniel, I found out that this was totally a set-up. Apparently, Celeste had been waxing poetic about me ever since he got into town two months ago. I feel so used. ;)

Even further update:

I have photos of him, although they don't do him justice. Hot.

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