April 4, 2008

By god, I WILL go out.

I don't care if the root canal sucks the life out of me. I WILL GO OUT.

My work is SURROUNDED by people going to Opening Day at the baseball field. Cool Temp CW said her friends (who are on a kickball team) are going to Falling Rock after the game. Bowers texted me to "hit him up later." I have ______ to be _______. And it's gorgeous outside. I would never forgive myself if I allowed all these opportunities to pass by.

::itching to get out of the office::


Homina homina homina... a super-freaking-hot guy just came in, chatted with me for a bit, then headed off to the game with another cw (a guy).

::explodes from tension::

Further update:

(I haven't been a single girl during baseball season before...this might be too much...i might pass out.)

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