March 24, 2008

Waxes, Dates, and No Doughnuts.

Friday: I didn't work, so I took care of a lot of stuff. I went to the dentist, found out I need two root canals. They put me on penicilin and Ibuprofen 800 until I go back next Tuesday.

I got a Brazilian wax after leaving the dentist (glutton for punishment, right?). I had wanted to leave a small patch of hair, but we got carried away while talking and the waxer took it all. ALLLLLLL of it. She felt really bad after she realized her error and discounted the wax by about $10. I told her I didn't mind and that it would grow back. It wasn't as painful as I had expected. However, there were a couple times I yelped or kicked my leg out in pain. I followed this up with a brow wax.

Friday night: please refer to my "I think I went on a date post below." Unfortunately, this is the only photo I got of Bowers:

Saturday: got a stupid, stupid migraine which knocked me on my ass for much of the afternoon. Kayden and I dyed easter eggs, played video games, went to see Horton Hears a Hoo, and hung out at home.

Sunday: forgot about the whole Easter thing, hurried and put together Kayden's basket (luckily, I had bought gifts and stuff during Productive Friday), did an Easter egg hunt, did a scavenger hunt at the storage shed, trying to find baseball equipment for Kayden ("and Megatron, Mommy! I want to find Megatron!"), went to friend's house for Easter dinner, did another egg hunt, came home, got Kayden ready to go to Scott's house. ::sigh:: It was a long day.

Sunday night: swung by Kort's house to pick up books, ended up picking up Kort instead. We went to Falling Rock for dinner. At one point, I saw a guy that I *swore* was my ex-boyfriend from 5+ years ago. After a couple hours, I got up and went over to that table. I came out and asked if his name was Chris. He replied, "It could be..." and we started talking. Turns out, he ISN"T my ex-boyfriend, but instead, is a super-cute and friendly and flirty guy named Mike. He came over and sat at our table for a bit. We chatted, got to know each other, exchanged phone numbers, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Excellent.

After Mike (who I keep thinking of as "Chris" now) left, we played pool with his friends for a couple hours. They were pretty fun and we had a good time. After I took Kort home, I hooked up with __________. I know he comes across as an asshole, but I think he's genuinely a great guy. Just a little flaky and spaced out. He's such a sweet guy, was asking about how I'm dealing with the cub scout thing, how I feel about Josh not being around anymore, and so on. Unfortunately, due to being up most of the night, I'm dragging my ass today.

Oh, and this morning, I launched the "wellness program" without a hitch. The coworkers really liked the "doughnuts in the kitchen" gag (I actually had fruit inside a doughnut box) and people are responding positively to the program itself. Kudos for Kelli!

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