March 19, 2008

Stranger from the Bar.

So, remember around the beginning of March when Kort went out (not helpful at all, huh?) with her coworkers, and we made eyes at the guy at the next table. We only chatted with him long enough to exchange numbers and then we were off. Both of us were pretty drunk by that point, so I don't really remember anything about him except that he was hot (and we'll assume I wasn't wearing my Rum And Coke goggles).

So, every since then, this guy (his name is Josh, but I prefer to call him Stranger From the Bar) and I have texted a few times a week. We keep trying to get together for a drink or something. Unfortunately, he's pretty busy at work and I'm busy with mom-stuff. We just never seem to have time to meet up.

He just texted me saying, "I'm playing hooky today. Let me know when you get off work and I'll buy you a drink." I had to write back that I'm busy tonight (soccer practice), but free on Friday. Maybe someday we'll actually meet again.

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