March 20, 2008

Remember a couple days ago, I posted about the super-cute vendor I like?

He just came in again. We talked. Again. He asked what kind of sports I was into (since I've never been skiing). I mentioned baseball and he said, "Well, we should go to a Rockies game sometime..." I said absolutely and I love going to Rockies games...we talked about opening day, weekend plans, and such. As he was leaving, he said, "So, where do you hang out in LoDo?" I replied, "Falling Rock" and followed it up with, "If you are downtown on Friday night, you should swing by..." He was like, "Yeah, absolutely!"

(Fuck. And I just realized ________ works at Falling Rock on Friday nights. Dammit, I suck at this kind of thing.)

Anyhow, I really hope I can see him this weekend. Unlike most the guys I have been meeting, I might really like this one. ::squeals::

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