March 6, 2008

Ran into Pushy Guy's Friend

I was walking back to my office and saw both of them out the corner of my eye. I had sunglasses, a hat, and a coat on, so I figured I was good. However, after a minute, Ladell ran up beside me.

**Adrian is the one that kept texting me and so I told him to back off. Ladell is the friend.**

I took out my headphones and was polite. At one point, he asked if I would be free this weekend. I replied, "As I mentioned to your friend, I'm a single mother and don't have much free time." He replied, "Well, can you get a babysitter?" Um, no. He then said, "Well, you can bring your kid along..." I laughed and said I don't think so and "I don't introduce him to dates."

Pushy guy. I'm just going to avoid the both of them from here on.

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