March 4, 2008

Met two guys at lunch.

On my lunch breaks, if the weather is nice, I like to walk around Denver and listen to my music. I was doing this when a guy came walking up beside me. He walked with me and went on about how I am so beautiful, how he walked into a wall because of me, how all the "brothas" must hit on me, and so on.

After a couple of minutes talking and walking, a second dude ran up to me and introduced himself. I was like, "Um, do you guys know each other?" They said yes, they were eating together when I walked past and the second guy was still eating. So we stopped walking and they seriously were both hitting on me for, like, ten minutes. I was blushing like crazy.

Then, the first guy asked for my email address and the second guy asked for my number. They asked if they could both take me out for drinks sometime. I said, "Yeah, sure...I could bring a friend or something." They were both like, "Okay, but I want to sit closer to you..." Then we shook hands a billion times because each one wanted to be the last to shake my hand.

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