March 5, 2008

Men are nuts.

I hate them all.

So, Adrian (a guy I met at lunch yesterday) texted me throughout the day yesterday. He was basically asking when I would be available next. I explained that I'm a single mom and my time is limited. I said I was available most days for lunches or for a drink on Friday night. He kept texting, asking for another photo, asking what I like to do for fun, seeing how long he could see me, saying he really likes me, etc.

His friend (who I also met yesterday) called me too. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer. He called a second time. I talked to him briefly (he was calling to see if I got his email).

Last night, Adrian texted me to see if I was busy (I didn't respond). Then, this morning, he texted to see if I wanted to do lunch today. I'm really busy at work so I didn't see it. In the meantime, he sent three more texts.

I finally replied: "You're a nice guy and I appreciate the compliments but you guys are coming on way too strong. I'll call you when I have time."

I.E. BACK THE FUCK OFF. Yeah, I'm not meeting them for drinks after all, if this is the way they act after the first day.

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