March 17, 2008

I've just been asked to head up the "wellness committee" at work.

The company is doing a program that will encourage employees to do things like eat well, sleep enough hours, take time for relaxation, etc.

Paige asked me to head this up, think of ideas to help motivate the office, plan activities.

I said I would, but I find it very hilarious, since I'm probably the most unhealthy person at the office. Our office is full of people who run/hike/bike every chance they get. They bring in healthy, homemade meals and so on. I'm the one who dines out every day and occasionally comes in hungover and only on three hours of sleep. But since I'm all creative, they want me in charge. ::snort::

I got an email with guidelines about achieving "wellness". One line said, "Avoid alcohol and caffeine..." I read that out loud, then said to Paige, "How do they expect me to function?!"

This will be fun.

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