March 20, 2008

I think Josh/Stranger from Bar and I might have

more in common than I originally thought. This was our text conversation last night:

(We were still working out when we might be able to meet up for a drink...)

J/SFB: Friday then?

Kelli: You want to set solid plans or just call me then?

J/SFB: I hate to make plans and not keep them, at the same time, the "winging it" approach is not working either. I do have some dinner plans but after that I am free. You let me know if you got all that.

Kelli: I'm glad I'm not the only nerd who uses punctuation in texts. How about you call after dinner and we'll try one more time to wing it?

J/SFB: Sounds good. Punctuation captures the tone of the text. By the way, we are not nerds, just intelligent. I capitalize sometimes too.

(And I didn't have to edit either...he actually spells correctly, which is HUGE.)

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