March 12, 2008

I have a black hole on my living room floor.


First off, I had my drivers license a couple weeks ago. Kort and I went out, then came back to my place. We made a bed on the living room floor and watched movies and slept. I haven't been able to find my license since.

Now, one would write this off as an isolated incident. But then there were the pins.

Last Saturday night, Kayden and I lay down on the living room floor and watched movies. Prior to laying down, I pulled everything out of my pockets and put it on the floor next to me. There was a ton of change (probably about $3.00 in change) and a bunch of Hot IQs buttons. A few hours later, I kept falling asleep, so I gathered my pillow and blankets and went upstairs to bed. The next morning, I came downstairs to find about $.40 and a single button in that spot (not scattered around or anything).

My first thought was that the cat was stealing things again. He has a habit of batting things around until they eventually wind up on the stairs and in the basement bathroom. However, I found no sign of any change or buttons. Nuttin'. Nearly a week later and I still haven't found anything.

Spooky, yes? The living room sits right above my creepy crawl space. I have reason to believe there is a positive correlation between the creepy crawl space and the black hole.

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