March 31, 2008

Starbucks at 5am, Learning Russian at the Bar, and the Fireman

Friday night: we made our 16th St walk. After walking back, we went to Whiskey Bar. It was a little snobbish for me. Bowers met us there and we had some drinks.

I slept at Bowers' house until about 5 a.m., then got up. He drove me to a Starbucks and I waited there for Kort. While there, the barista asked why I was there so early. I replied, "Morning after...I had to leave wherever the hell I was."

Saturday: I went home, tried to sleep, did some errands, then picked up Kayden. Immediately after, I had to drive him to my office, where Celeste picked him up for his sleepover. From there, I went home and did more errands. When finished, I went and picked Kort up and we, once again, drove downtown. We stopped at Falling Rock for dinner and for a rum-off warm-up, then we made the walk.

So, we went back to Falling Rock and sat on the patio for a while. Then we went inside and sat at the bar. I talked with a Russian guy and he taught me a bunch of phrases, while the rum-off carried on. He taught me to say "Give me man!" (dimanya mushchina) Well, he taught me "give me" and I added the man part. He also taught me "salami" (kalbassu) and "line 'em up and shoot 'em down" to which we would mimic machine gun fire after shouting the phrase. It was a blast. At one point after saying, "Give me man," _______ said, "How do you say 'dining room table'?" Kort cracked up and I said, "Dude, you're not supposed to know about that! Quit laughing!" ________ replied, "I know girls talk..."

So, the Russian guy started getting creepy, whispering that he wanted me and so on. I pulled out the salute with Kort, who returned the salute and we coordinated our plan to leave. _________ started to protest, but I told him the Russian guy was getting creepy. We left Falling Rock, sat down at a bench and watch a bagpiper for a while. Then we swung by ESPN Zone, played air hockey, shot basketballs, and left. We went to Blake Street Tavern, which was a pretty cool little place. There, Barry met us for a drink and took Kort home. I drove straight home and went to sleep.

Sunday: After doing some errands, I picked up Kayden from Celeste's house and went home. We played games, crocheted, etc. Then, Scott picked him up around 6:00. After that, I went to Kort's house, picked her up, and we went to Falling Rock. We ate dinner, played pool, then decided to leave. I drove her home. On my way home, I texted the Fireman. We decided to meet up at Old Chicago. At one point, he said I seem like I'm on a perpetual spring break or something. That cracked me up.

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