March 10, 2008

Friday Mad Libs

Note from the Future: You may have noticed occasional missing bits from posts. Keene told me a story about a woman that wrote a book about the CIA. The CIA then went back through and "redacted" much of the sensitive information. He suggested I do the same for certain things which I feel may not be appropriate for the world to view. Brilliant suggestion, Keene!

This was going to be a weekend post, but Friday alone took so much space I decided to split it up into separate posts.

Friday night: went downtown with Kort. First, we walked the length of 16th Street Mall (the outdoor pedestrian pavillion)...we had made it a rule that we must walk the mall whenever we go out drinking as a way to combat some of the calories we are ingesting. So, walked down the mall...along the way, we met up with Krystle.

Things are a little fuzzy, but I *think* we went to Sports Column first, had some jello shots and other drinks. Awkwardness abounded when we bumped into ____ there. He said hi, put his arm around, chatted for about 15 seconds, then went back to Falling Rock (I guess he was there for cigarettes or something). That kind of put a damper on my mood, though I did manage to drown it with liquor for a bit.

Next up, we went to Croc's--a restaurant/bar/club, but we got denied since my valid license is missing (again!) and my expired license wouldn't do the trick. So, we headed to Falling Rock. Along the way, we met a couple guys who were eating their dinner outside. We chatted with them for a bit.

**Now, what you should know about me is that when I drink, I became VERY chatty. I call out to passerbys, people inside buildings, etc. I talk to EVERYONE.**

So, we got to Falling Rock, but I got denied at the door because of the license thing. A quick text to ______ got me admittance (did I abuse the privileges of the fuckbuddy relationship there?), but Krystle had to go we made the trek back to the train station. On our way BACK to Falling Rock, we saw some guys on bikes. Of course, I yelled out, "Hey boys on bikes!" They turned around and we hung out for a bit. These turned out to be the most interesting people of the night.

Their names are John and Mike and they claimed to be brothers. Although they gave numerous reasons for why they weren't hippies, they were probably the most true-to-life hippies I've ever met. We sat down on the sidewalk and had a long conversation about Ralph Nader, philosophy, music, religion, hippies, and more.

The one with dreadlocks claims to be a virgin. Don't know if I buy that. He was cute, 24, and extremely intelligent. The other one had hair like Andy Gibb and was quieter but also very smart. Both were very cute and fun.

After Dreadlocks gave me a ride on his handlebars and Kort rode Andy Gibb's bike, we parted ways. We continued on to Falling Rock. We went downstairs and were pleased to find it not so crowded. We decided to play pool. At one point, a couple women walked past me, to the bathroom. One said something about ______. I didn't quite catch what. When they came back out, though, they introduced themselves to us. They said they had been looking for pretty girls to talk to all night and here we were.

So, after we met, they started in on how much I looked like ______ and I was like his clone and I was so cute in my little hat and I should hook up with him because we look so much alike. I was like, "Oh, um, yeah...haha!" Their names are Shazaam! (yeah, I know) and Monica. They claim to be regulars, so I'm sure we'll bump into them again.

By this time, I was sobering up and feeling very melancholy about the whole stupid _______ thing. We went upstairs for last call, where Kort met a couple boys: Evan and Danny.

Danny and Kort sharing their burrito with a guy on the street:


We went to their house to hang out and _____________________.

Yes, Evan is wearing my coat and hat:

Me jumping up to pose with Danny:

Since I am so short, he picked me up so I could take the picture:

From there, we ___________________ and decided that Kort is NOT allowed to ________________ anymore. Long story short, we couldn't find my car keys, she was freaking out, and it was 4 a.m. so we rode a cab back to her house.

And that, my friends, was Friday.

(This is like a messed-up Mad Libs game!)

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