March 19, 2008

Divorce sucks even more for the kid.

I'm really starting to believe that you don't truly know someone until you divorce them. Josh was such a great father figure to Kayden and seemed to just adore him. But apparently, it's too hard for him to be around Kayden now? Fuck that. I would try my hardest to stay in my stepkid's life if they meant that much to me.

So, he's out completely. In his last email to me, he basically said that we have no reason to ever speak again except about the divorce. Plus, he hasn't actually been around for a couple weeks now, so I think he means it this time. Good riddance.

I think Kayden misses Josh in theory. Like, he knows that he cares for Josh and that he would like to see him. But he never mentions Josh, except if we're doing something that Josh was usually a part of (like Scouts). I think he'll be just fine.

Oh, and last night, Kayden said, "But what if I don't get used to my new step-dad." That threw me off and I told him that I'm not getting married anytime soon and that I would never marry someone he didn't like. That made him feel better.

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