March 18, 2008

Crawl Space.

So, I've had to uncover the creepy crawl space in my basement in order to show the house. It's basically a hole cut out of the wall and is completely pitch black inside.

Last night, I was cleaning the kitchen and needed to get the broom/dustpan out of the basement (there's no pantry or storage in my kitchen, so I keep them in the basement). They were leaning up against the wall beside the crawl space. As I reached for them, I got such a clear, disturbing image of a hand reaching out of the crawl space hole and grabbing onto me, that I ran back upstairs. I didn't dare to go back down there all night (or this morning).

And it doesn't help that no matter how many times I seem to shut off the basement light, it's always back on by morning.

I hate that fucking thing.

(Here's a picture of the crawl space. Well, it's actually behind the shelves and covered up by that nailed-in board. That's as good as you're going to get from me.)

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