March 26, 2008

Can't stop sobbing. Re: HOA fees.

Well, the ex has attacked again. There is a lien on my house now, due to unpaid HOA fees. Now, at first, I was thinking it's because he hasn't paid during the last couple months.

Nope, this nonpayment habit extends back to while we were still together. Apparently, there have been lots of letters from the attorneys that never actually reached me (most likely, Josh was intercepting mail even after he moved out).

I just talked to a lady at the HOA place. She thinks she might be able to have the lien lifted...but I have to pay it in full. I have a week.

And I owe $700. Yup, before the end of the week. Fuck. Me.

And no, Josh will not (and cannot) pay any of this. I know already.

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