March 10, 2008

Aquariums and Broken Cars

Saturday afternoon, I let Kayden choose which activity we would do that day. He chose the aquarium. So, we spent a couple hours at the aquarium, getting wet from the built-in "flash flood simulation," watching the fishies, sharks, stingrays, etc. We toured the place two full times. ::insert exhausted sigh::

One of Kayden's favorite things to do was panning for gems. They dump a bag of dirt into this pan/sieve thing and the kids swish it back and forth until the gems are exposed:

The divers at the aquarium will stop cleaning the tanks and pose for pictures with people. However, Kayden is scared of them and wouldn't pose. I took this photo of him after Kayden ran away:

After we finished walking around (and hanging out in the gift shop for-fucking-ever), we sat down for a snack. Now, this is the thing I love about Denver...look how close everything is. We were at the aquarium, the amusement park is next door, and downtown is just across the river:

After we finally left there, we decided to have a slumber party. We stopped at the store and picked up a few old videos. Then we picked up some dinner, made a bed on the living room floor, and watched videos (Men in Black and Batman Forever) and ate and lay down. Very fun and laid-back.

Sunday was very productive. I cleaned my car (outside and INSIDE!), vacuumed the stairs and living room, cleaned up, did some laundry, crocheted a scarf...

But most importantly, I fixed my headlight finally. Yeah. By myself. With all my tools and my manual. And I got greasy and dirty and was scared I was going to electrocute myself. But I did it.

I'm practically a grease-monkey now:

Today, I am a (Wo)Man:

::cue trumpets::

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