March 25, 2008

Annoying Admin may have reached a new low.

I was sitting at my desk and got to witness the following conversation between Aaron, a nice real estate guy, and Annoying Admin.

Aaron: ::notices ring on AA's ring finger:: That's a nice engagement ring.
AA: it's not an engagement ring! Why does everyone assume it's an engagement ring? I bought it myself...I didn't need someone to buy it for me!
Aaron: sorry, I just thought that's why girls wore a ring like know, it shows they're taken
AA: well, I AM off the market...I have a boyfriend. You should buy your girlfriend a ring.
Aaron: I don't think we're there yet...
AA: How long have you been together?
Aaron: Um, about 5 years.
AA: Well, I think it's about time, don't you? You must not care enough if you haven't asked already. You should know within the first year...
Aaron: Um, there's a lot more to it: age, money...
AA: You either need to ask or break it off...
Aaron: Err, um... ::runs into office::

I was laughing my ass off and giving Aaron sympathetic looks. I couldn't believe her nerve. He looked SO uncomfortable.

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