February 11, 2008

Still no word from Scott.


I'm actually kind of worried. The only thing I can think of is that he thought I wouldn't actually find out that Kayden didn't go to school and was trying to hide it. Normally he would call.


STILL no word. Am getting more and more worried. I may drive to his house after work.

Can't fucking believe he wouldn't call at some point today.


Okay, Scott's mom (who lives near him) is going to his house right now. She'll call me when she gets there.


Okay, Joyce just called. Scott's roommate said they are still at the doc appointment. No other information. Joyce told the roommate, "TELL HIM TO CALL KELLI WHEN HE GETS HOME!" She's pretty pissed at him, too. I told her I may kill her only son.


Still hasn't called. I'm pretty sure he is afraid at this point...with good reason. I am likely going to head over there right after work.

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