February 26, 2008

"No, thanks."

I sent this email to Josh:

"This is kind of a weird question, probably insensitive, but how would you feel about getting the divorce paperwork started? I’m pretty busy with the house and the taxes, so I thought maybe you could work on that part…"

Okay, maybe it IS insensitive of me to ask. But I'm pretty fucking busy at the moment preparing OUR house to sell and preparing OUR taxes. I don't think it was that outrageous to ask that he take a role in something. And I should mention that he has OFFERED in the past to do the divorce paperwork. I didn't just come up with the idea myself.

His response: "No thanks."

I'm very, VERY tempted to write back and say, "Fine. Plan to do your own taxes, as I think it would be better to file "Married Filing Separately.""

I know that if I did that, I would be the one to come out ahead. I'm the one who owns the house, has the kid, had the business, went to school, and had the correct amount of deductions taken out. I would get a very large return, whereas if I file with him, I end up owing a bunch. I'm doing him a fucking favor by letting him file with me...not to mention that I'm the one doing all the work by filing it myself.

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