February 19, 2008

More about why divorce is lousy.

I worked my ass off last night on my house. The only thing left to do is to vacuum, clean the kitchen floor, and organize the living room a bit better. This is awesome. Now we just have to keep it clean. A-gulp!

Bad news is I'm getting sick. Again. I have one of those chest-rocking coughs. Ugh. Maybe I should pour cough syrup into my Starbucks?

Also, I had to see Josh last night. He brought Kayden home from a Cub Scout thing. Then he waited until Kayden went upstairs and stared at me like he was Eeyore or something. Then he choked up and said he wasn't trying to make this harder on me. I said I really didn't know what to tell him right now...didn't know what to say. He continued staring at me and crying. I repeated myself. He got pissed, snapped "Fine!" and left. There's really no winning.

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