February 21, 2008

I hate being a homeowner.

So, my realtor stopped by last night. He got the information on my neighbor's place (which they are selling, too). They are listing it for much lower than we had planned to list mine. It sounds like their place is in better condition, but not as big as mine. So, the realtor is dropping my listing price to just under theirs. This sucks, but luckily, it's still more than I owe on the house.

I just hate this whole thing. My friend mentioned that it may be possible to basically sell the place back to the lender and not have it affect my credit or anything. I may look into that.

Oh, and I was looking at apartments online last night. Because the housing market is so bad, rents are increasing. I could probably get a one-bedroom place for only $400 less a month than my mortgage payment. So much for saving money.

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