February 28, 2008

I got my cards back!

I just went to meet the guy at Starbucks. He was really nice, said he was worried something had happened to me since he found the cards so far apart from each other. He said, "So you were doing some partying that night?" I replied, "Well, it WAS a Tuesday night after all..."

I gave him a gift card and thanked him profusely. He gave me a hug, asked what kind of work I did, and said we'll keep in touch via Myspace.

Such a great guy.

On my walk back to work, I was carrying my Starbucks drink, as well as the Office Managers, and my MP3 player. I did fine with this until I got a block from my work, stumbled and spilled chai all over the front of my white shirt. D'oh! I LMAOed the rest of the way about how I must look. Luckily, I had a sweater at the office that covers it. I'm a spaz.

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