February 26, 2008

I feel like I'm alone in parenting...

even though Kayden is surrounded by parents and family.

So many things. If he's sick at school, it's always me that leaves work to be with him. If he needs new pants, it's always me buying them. I take him to the doctor (and always have...I don't think anyone else ever has). I worry about when he goes to the dentist. If Josh or Scott flakes out on taking him when they say they will, it's my plans that are cancelled.

Because Scott was sick, he didn't see him all weekend. Kayden has cried the last two nights because he was hoping to see his dad. So tonight, I'm going to drive him to Scott's house, drop him off, and drive back to pick him up either in a couple hours or tomorrow before school. All so he can see his dad (who says he can't drive right now...and whose girlfriend apparently can't drive yet). At least Kayden appreciates the gesture. He told me I'm the best mom he's ever had. I'll take what I can get.

I don't regret being a mother whatsoever. It's just so hard sometimes. Even while married to Josh, I often felt like a single parent.

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