February 27, 2008

Drama from Down Under!

So, um, I got this email the other day (edited for readability):

Hi Kelli. you don't know me.... I'm Michelle, Adam's--well, now-girlfriend. As I've just found out he's been cheating on me (not from him, but from a message he wrote to someone else). I am begging for your help. Could you please tell me if you or anyone else slept with him while he was in the states before Christmas? Please. I'm due to give birth to our third child in ten weeks and I really need to know the truth, seeing as he can't seem to tell me the truth himself...

Adam = the Australian


So, I fretted about whether to respond and if I do, should I lie or not? Then, today, I got this message:

Hi Kelli,
I noticed you read my message and was wondering why you didn't reply. Please, all I need is a yes or no. I've been told by a friend that he was cheating on me in Australia and I need to know if he is. If he did, I have no hard feelings towards you. It's just I cant be with someone who thinks its okay to do that to someone you're meant to love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Please put yourself in my shoes. Wouldn't you want to know? All I want is a yes or no, nothing happened.

After reading this, I decided to respond:

"Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was really unsure of what to say, because I didn't want to get involved. Yes, Adam and I hooked up back in December. I honestly didn't know he had a family. I'm really sorry you had to find out he cheated through friends or messages. It is pretty shitty and I do feel for you and your situation. If it's any consolation whatsoever, it sounded like I was the only one he cheated with--although I guess you can't really be sure. Again, I'm sorry for any additional troubles I've caused you."

Michelle: "Oh my god. I cant believe it. Thank you for telling me. Was he drunk? Have you seen him since he's been back there?"

Kelli: I'm really sorry, but at this point, I'd really prefer to just back out of this. As I said, I really don't want to get any more involved than I have already been. I know you probably have a lot more questions you want to ask, but I'd rather just keep it at what I've already said. I really think any questions you have should been discussed with Adam... not me. Again, I am sorry.

Michelle: I understand. I thank you so very much for showing me that he is scum. I guess it just goes to show he's a loser. I asked him when you messaged him (when he got back last time) if anything happened and he said that he barely spoke to you and that he thinks you hooked up with his mate. He's a compulsive liar and won't tell me the truth. If you do end up with him again, I warn you: he is gorgeous and seems nice, but he isn't what he seems. Once again, thank you.


So, that's that. Within ten minutes of my emailing her, Adam called me. He had already gotten bombarded with messages from her. I told him what I said. He said he understood and couldn't expect me to lie for him.

While I was talking to him, I got another call. It was my bank. Someone found my ID and cards and called my bank to report it!! He left his number with the bank, as well as finding me on Myspace and leaving a message there. I couldn't fucking believe it! And my cards weren't even together...apparently my credit card was about a block away from my ID!

Anyhow, I called the guy back and arranged to meet him tomorrow to get my cards. I thanked him profusely. I think I'll give him some cash or something. Maybe a gift card? I don't know...I'm just so fucking grateful to him.

I may be horribly naive, but I can't help but think of this as instant karma. As soon as I did a somewhat good deed by telling Michelle the truth, I get a call that someone found my cards.

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