February 1, 2008

Doctor Appointment

I explained all my symptoms (sleeplessness, fatigue, lack of appetite, crazy persistent anxiety, weight loss, etc.). She suggested a few options, one of them being Paxil. However, she said that she's worried about putting me on any medication because manic depression/bipolar runs pretty heavily in my family. Even though I have no symptoms, it turns out that some anti-depressants can actually spark a manic attack.

She had blood drawn to test my thyroid, to make sure that isn't what is causing the weight loss. Also, she gave me a bunch of papers to read more about bipolar to be sure I don't exhibit any symptoms. I told her I've been hyper-aware of the symptoms all my life, because I've always been so paranoid about developing it.

She will call me on Monday to discuss my options further. In the meantime, she has suggested I see a therapist...not a psychiatrist.

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