February 3, 2008

Birthdays and Tattoos

Friday: I picked Kayden up and told him he would be staying at his dad's house that night (since Scott didn't have to work). But Kayden got really upset and said he wanted to be with me. Now, that has never happened. Scott has always been the "fun" parent whose house is like a vacation from rules and such. After talking with Kayden a bit, we agreed that we would eat dinner and watch a movie at home together and then go to his dad's house. He was fine with that.

After I took him to Scott's, I went to meet Kortney and her coworkers for a drink to celebrate her b-day. When I got there, she was already drunk:

Kort's cws were all pretty fun to hang out with. They seem a lot more low-key, but very excited to have a super fun office manager to party with.

So, while we were hanging out with her cws, we occasionally glanced at the table behind us. Each time one of us looked over, the same guy would smile or raise his drink or something. When we got up to leave (one of the cws was going to drive us to the train station), that guy flagged us down and asked for our phone numbers (well, he and his friend, of course). He tried to get us to stay and hang out with THEM, but we were on a mission to get downtown. He called me about an hour after we left, but I missed the call. He texted an hour after that, but I was pretty drunk by then. Not sure if I'll call him back in the future.

So, once downtown, Kort and I were riding on a pedi-cab and were screaming and acting nutty. From across the street, a guy yelled that he wanted a ride and we shouted for him to catch up. He ran up and hopped in. Ironically, we were going to the same bar anyways. His name is Jonathan, he's 25, working on his second Bachelor's degree at my school, and he's a photographer. We went to Falling Rock together and he bought us drinks and his friends met up shortly thereafter. We hung out with all them for a couple hours.

Andy, Jonathan's friend with polka dot tattoos all over his head and body:

Jonathan and I chatted a bit, he asked to take me out to lunch during the week (since his school is nearby) and we made tentative plans to hang out the next night. Ben stopped by and hung out with us.

Saturday: I was pretty much hungover (I hadn't actually eaten much of anything the day before, so I was SICK). I went home, chilled for a bit, ran some errands, hit a bucket of balls at the golf course, cleaned up, then went to the tattoo place. Rachel stopped by to keep me company...I think she has a few pictures of it. Getting the outline of the tattoo wasn't bad at all. At first, I was really tense, but after some daydreaming and visualization techniques (made easier by the fact that the cute tattoo guy was basically straddling me...ahem), it got better. However, when it came time to actually color it in? Fuck. Me. That hurt like a bitch.

Here's the puffy, bloody result:

After we finished up (and I nearly cried with relief), Rachel and I got some dinner and walked around in search of an ice cream place. Keep in mind, this was the hipster/ghetto neighborhood and it was about 8:00 p.m. We never did get that ice cream.

After we got kicked out of Starbucks, we parted ways. I picked up Kort from her Roller Derby thing and we went downtown. Jonathan invited us to go bowling, but we declined. We went to a bar (I drank Dr. Pepper), but were just not feeling it. By this time, it was about 11:00, we were pooped. We went to Kort's house, picked up some movies, then went to my house and passed out.

Sunday: I was still hungover from Friday night. I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I watched a bit of a movie, cleaned up around my house (a daily activity nowadays), and went downtown. I met up with Kort and Ben at Falling Rock to celebrate Kort's actual b-day. Jonathan showed up, we played some pool, and had a really chill day together:

We watched wrestling on Telemundo (the Spanish channel). Kort and Ben demonstrated some kind of weird leg wrestling:

After leaving Falling Rock, I picked up Kayden, went to Blockbuster, got into my pajamas, cooked a frozen pizza, watched movies, and just relaxed.

After a day, the tattoo is already improving, but still really red:

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