February 25, 2008

Another Monday, Another Jumbled Post

Friday night: hung out at home with Kayden. We played chess and I actually beat him (not an easy feat, even though he's only seven). I did a victory dance and made my queen and bishop dance around and sing about being the winners. Kayden pouted. I'm a mean mom. Then we read some chapters from a book and discussed why this book was better than any other book from the series to date.

Saturday: Kayden and I went to the library. I'm a fairly paranoid mother, so he isn't left alone very often. But it wasn't very busy, it's a small library, and I felt he was up to the task. I took him to the children's section and told him, "I'm going to let you pick out your things alone. I'm going to get my books and I'll come back afterward. You are not to leave the children's section under any circumstances and you can only pick out five things." He was okay with it, so I went and picked out my items. After about 5-10 minutes, I went back to the children's section. He was sitting at a table, reading a book, with four items stacked next to him.

Now, this may be a small thing, but I told him I was very proud of him for obeying my instructions and I let him know what a good and trustworthy kid he was. He was proud of himself and said, "And I didn't talk to ANY strangers!"

Josh picked up Kayden for their overnight stay. No words were exchanged at all. I worked on my house until about 4:30 then went downtown. Kort and I hung out until about 11. At one point, we found ourselves at a sports bar across the street from Falling Rock, surrounded by about six jocks:

They bought our drinks and we all flirted and were having fun. At one point, two other girls showed up at the table and I started flirting with one of them. (I think I may turn a little lesbian-esque when I'm drunk.) I remember dancing with Shannon and making plans to go to a club with her. Anyhow, _____ was a total jock-cock-block. He invited me over and I asked Kort to drive me there (I was pretty drunk by this point, to say the least). We ditched all the jocks at the bar. I went to ______'s for the night and ______________________________________________________.

Sunday: since Scott was in the hospital (again), I ended up having Kayden for the day. Once again, Josh and I didn't even exchange words when he dropped him off. Is it bad that I prefer it that way? We went grocery shopping, I read a book outside while he played (it was a great day), and cleaned the house (again...the place is always getting dirty!). Mellow, mellow day.

Later that night, Kayden took a bath. He knows by now that, while washing his penis, he should not put soap into the urethra. He asked me last night why not. I replied that it hurts. He asked, "Why does it hurt? What does it feel like?" I replied, "I don't know. I'm not a boy. I don't have a penis."

He laughed his ass off for a couple minutes at that. Sometimes I get the feeling that I *might* not be a normal mother.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend with only a couple lows. Kayden was really upset that he didn't get to see his dad. I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped. And I'm still working on how I feel about ________ and this weird little relationship we have, which is a little confusing/upsetting. But other than that, good weekend.

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