February 27, 2008

Aftermath of the Night of the Four Bourbons

- I am still hungover. I am from here on out limiting myself to a maximum of one bourbon a night. No more. Bourbon is my frienemy. We have a lot of fun while hanging out, we really connect, but the next day, I'm just left feeling sickened and used. And a little dirty. That bitch. It's time I reconnect with my true friend, the friend who has never let me down, only lifted me up with no lingering headaches: rum.

- I lost my drivers license, bank card, and credit card. And this time, I know for certain I will not find them in my Latin textbook. I've narrowed down the possibilities of where they fell out of my pocket. 1) behind my work where I lay down. 2) at the Broadway train station where I lay down. 3) on the train where I lay down. 4) at the McDonalds on Santa Fe where I lay down. I've checked all these places with no luck. I think this time is not a drill. Once again, I blame that bourbon bitch for getting me all riled up.

- I hate the newest admin at my office. I will probably elaborate on why in the future. But my mind is kind of squishy right now and I can't really formulate any clear thoughts.

There are more thoughts in there...but again, I can't really focus at the moment. Dee-dee-dee la-la-la!

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