January 14, 2008

Worst day ever.

We talked with Kayden on Wednesday night. He cried and cried (and Josh and I cried), but after about an hour, I distracted him with a board game. He was perfectly fine after that.

However, he gets a little upset on occasion. Like this morning, I took him to school and he asked where Josh was. I reminded him that Josh was at his sister's house now. Kayden said, "Awww...will I get to see him soon?" I let him know that he would probably see him tonight for cub scouts. That cheered him up.

But then I talked to him about how my friend's sister might start watching him for a little while each morning before school and he got upset again. I told him that even though these changes seem bad right now, they're all happening so we can be happier in the future. He just said that he feels "worser" now.

I am the world's worst mother.

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