January 11, 2008


I haven't had homeowners insurance in about six months.

So, in order to rent a storage unit, I have to have insurance. I came home to look for our policy. About six months ago, we had finally gotten rid of my insurance (which had the homeowners on it, as well as my car) and moved it to Josh's. We figured it evened out: he pays for that, I pay for our health/dental insurance.

Well, I opened envelope after envelope to find nothing but cancellation warnings on my auto insurance due to non-payment. I'm assuming he took care of the payment before it came to that, but who the hell knows. I may have to call the company to find out if I actually have car insurance at this point.

Throughout all of this, I saw nothing about homeowners insurance. Finally I called Josh and asked him if we even have it. He said no. He said he "procrastinated" and never added it to the policy. I said, "Well, fortunately, I only need it for the storage shed and not for an emergency."

I know it's really hypocritical of me to be pissed right now (since I'm not exactly the most honest person in our relationship), but I am. What if there had been a flood or fire or a burglary over the last six months?!

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