January 25, 2008

Poor Kayden

Last night, I reminded Kayden that Josh was taking him to a basketball game tonight for Cub Scouts. He was excited about that. Then I told him that Josh had asked to keep Kayden overnight. He started crying and saying he didn't want to. I asked why not. He replied, "I just want to be at home and sleep in my comfortable bed!"

I thought this over for a bit, because it was kind of a strange thing to get so upset about. I asked him if he would rather have Josh spend the night at our house and I would sleep at Kort's for the night. He said he liked that idea. I just emailed Josh the conversation and he's okay with it. It seems a little strange, but I'm okay with it too. I think Kayden got overwhelmed at both the first post-separation sleepover with Josh, as well as having to sleep at a near-stranger's house. Poor little dude...

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