January 31, 2008

More excitement from last night

Just a little backstory: since I met ________ last Tuesday/Wednesday night, I haven't seen Richard Ford at all. Prior to that, I saw him maybe 2-3 times a week.

I got a text from RF after work yesterday: "I need a relationship. You're out of my league, haha. I'm too lonely to be a friend with benefits, my bad. Call me some day, bye Kelli." (Correct spelling and grammar edited in.)

So, I texted back: "I guess I can respect that. It's been fun."

He texted back to let me know he still had a CD of mine...I told him to keep it.

Then about an hour later, he texted something along the lines of "Damn, could you at least pretend to be sad? I'm not invincible."

I wrote back and said I was confused and asked if he was playing games. He said no, he's just hurting.

I ignored him and then he texted: "Sorry, sometimes I'm not clear. All I want is more of you. Call me soon. Goodnight."

So, I think he tried to call my bluff, maybe he expected me to call and say, "Noooooo! I'll start a relationship with you! Just don't leave!"

I'm just not into the game-playing. I foresee no more relations with Mr. Ford.


RF just texted: You want to do something?

I wrote back: I'm not into playing games, Rick. You said you need a relationship and I can't provide that for you.

Further update:

Dammit, now I do feel bad. Poor Richard Ford. I wasn't going to talk to him anymore, but he sent this text and I felt compelled to reply:

RF: Thanks a lot. Can't wait 'til you're soft for someone and lay your heart on the line so they can call it a game. Thanks for nothing.

At this point, I reiterated that I had said I didn't want a relationship and he had agreed...and just because he changed his mind doesn't mean he can expect me to.

RF: There are varying degrees of relationships. What made you wanna see me and yet not seek anything further. What the hell is that?

Kelli: What do you want from me?

RF: Apologize for using me...that would make the world ten degrees warmer then I'll leave you alone.

Kelli: (re-reiterates that I thought we had an understanding about the type of relationship we had...apologizes if he felt used)

RF: No one will ever tell you they want more after you tell them that. They'll probably wait and feel the situation, meanwhile keep seeing you and making it worse. Not your fault, someone always gets hurt.

Kelli: In that case, I am sorry. I wish you would have told me sooner.

RF: I knew what you would have said. I wanted to grow on you. You know we can hang if you want. I'm not mad, never really should have been. You're nice, Kelli. Thank you.

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. I thought I did everything I was supposed to in this situation. I was honest and upfront about my intentions. I tried not to lead him on or give him any reason to think there might be more in our future. I thought he was on the same page. I feel really bad for him now (obviously not bad enough to see him again). I feel like a bit of an evil bitch today: first Josh, now Richard Ford. It's only 12:15...how many other dudes can I royally hurt before the day ends?

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