January 28, 2008

Meet _______.

So, first the confession of sorts: I met another dude. His name is _______ (pronounced __________), which is short for _________. He's half-Japanese, half-Irish...although he looks completely Irish. He graduated with an art history degree, likes to talk religion, uses punctuation in his text messages, wears crocheted hats, has a crazy and a mellow side, and is a total scruffy hippie...so basically, he's the guy-Kelli. For hell's sakes, he even likes Neil Diamond and has a history of licking eyeballs. Sound like anyone you know?

So, ever since meeting on Wednesday, we've been either hanging out, texting, or talking on the phone. He is so freakin' sweet. On Saturday night, I was at home and had been working my ass off all day with the packing/cleaning/taking care of Kayden. I had been near tears when he called. Immediately, he was like, "Aw, darlin'! What can I do to make you feel better?" and so on.

We've already had "the talk," which is that I don't want a relationship whatsoever and he is fine with that. He has been through a divorce, so he understands. However, I think he does want a relationship. He has already said such things as being "hooked on" or "addicted to" me, or says that he's in trouble. And we're having lunch today. So I think I need to reiterate this whole "I don't want a relationship" idea.

Oh yeah. So, this weekend, I did a whole bunch more packing and cleaning. I moved a whole bunch of shit myself, so I'm uber-sore today. Plus, I cleaned my kitchen really well: I'm talking walls, oven, sink, etc. I made a lot of progress on getting the house ready to sell. However, I'm going to have to postpone it another week. There's just too much for one person to do.

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