January 1, 2008

It was horrible.

He sobbed. Full on sobbed.

I was very calm (thanks to Kort's Klonopin) and told him my reasoning...all of which he agreed with 100%. He said he wanted to change but couldn't.

Oh, there's so much more that was said, but my brain is mush. I told him I was firm on the decision to move out and separate...but I would be willing to see a marriage counselor with him still. I said I felt like a bitch for doing this, but he said I was brave and had my reasoning and he wouldn't expect me to stay unhappy. He said he didn't realize how long or how much I had been suffering.

It was just awful. He is completely heart-broken.

I asked him to go stay with his sister and to talk to her. He said he would. I really hope that will help. Now I'm at Kort's and am a mess myself. I'm having all kinds of doubts now, wondering if I'm doing the right thing. ::sigh::

This is so fucking awful.

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