January 10, 2008

I don't know what to do. Don't want to go home.

Josh is moving out Saturday. I'm going to see if Kayden can stay with his dad or grandparents on Saturday night while this happens (because I will be packing up stuff on Sunday, so it's best if he's not around). So...um, until then, Josh is at home and I don't want to be home. However, Josh and Kayden are still working on finishing the cub scout car, so they will be there tonight. I don't want to go home. But I have to. I could go upstairs and read, but all that bad gloom rises upward and into the bedroom and it makes the words fuzzy and hard to read.

I feel too guilty to ask Josh to stay with Kayden while I have coffee with Kort. But I feel like I can't stand another night of being there.

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