January 25, 2008


Our IT department is in Minneapolis and they do most of the work remotely. But when they need something to happen that can't be done remotely, they call me (thus, the IT liason title). Because of this, I've gotten to know the IT guys and am the computer nerd of the office.

Anyhow, today I was talking to a guy from IT who I've actually met on several occasions. We were talking about how my computer crashed, so I'm using a retarded spare that's about to crash as well. I was trying to convince him to order a new computer for me. Here's the conversation:

John: "Do you think computers grow on trees or something?"

Kelli: "I thought that's what was grown in the Silicon Valley! Computer trees!"

John: LOLs "You're pretty funny."

Kelli: "Yeah, but most of the time, I'm the only one who laughs at my jokes."

John: "You're just not saying them to the right crowd...computer jokes are always popular with geeky IT guys."

Kelli: "Yes, I'm very popular with geeky IT guys."

John: "You're hot and funny AND a computer nerd...you're perfect!"

::blushsnort:: That's the first time he has ever flirted with me in the three years we've been talking by phone. ::suddenly shy::

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