December 11, 2007

Winter in Denver.

I set out for work at 7-ish. Since the roads were so bad, I decided to take the train by my house. It took a goddamn hour just to get to the station which is 2 miles from my house. Upon getting to the station (and nearly wrecking my car), I am told that it's full. I have to turn around. I'm so pissed, I decide to go home for a bit before setting out again.

Kayden is on a delay-start schedule, so I tell Josh he can try his hand at getting to work and I'll take Kayden to school. Since his school is bound to be a mad-house, we walk there instead. (It's about five minutes from our house.) We get there and Kayden's perfectly happy and warm in his new boots, new coat, etc. I, on the other hand, am soaking wet from my knees down. I drop him off and walk back. I get in my car and set out again. By this time, it's about 8:50.

I drive to the next train station down (easier said than done, about 30-45 minutes passed while driving there). I go to purchase my ticket, only to discover I left my money in the car. I run back to the car, get my money, get the ticket. I wait outside in the freezing cold for about 20 minutes. Finally, I get on the train. It's another 20-30 minute ride downtown. After that, I have to walk from the train station to my work, because all of the shuttles are running slow.

I just arrived at my work at 11:00, soaking wet and I can't feel my feet. As I walk in, the Office Manager says, "What took you so long?" And then I screamed and my head exploded and I opted to go to hell because I hear it's so much warmer there.

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