December 3, 2007

Parades and Miners. A Weekend Review.

Friday night: Kort, Kayden, and I met downtown for the Parade of Lights. It was a blast. Kayden is normally a very quiet kid. However, even he started cheering and singing with everybody. We sang Feliz Navidad, yelled that we love the Denver firefighters, cheered for Santa, etc.

Saturday: Kayden went over to his dad's and I was still kind of grumpy with Josh, so Kort and I decided to swing by the spa (where we had gone with friends awhile back). We lounged in the pool for hours. We lounged at Starbucks for a couple hours. We lounged. That's all. It was so relaxing. As it started to get later, we decided to just get a room. <~~~~Not as dirty as it sounds.

Saturday night: we went out to dinner and went to the miners bar to play pool (I swear!). We bogarted the jukebox, playing all kinds of crazy songs that didn't really jive in the cowboy bar. At one point, I played Michael Jackson and, of course, danced like Michael Jackson. At some point, when I was singing (aka, screaming) along with Aerosmith, a guy at the next pool table started laughing, saying I ruined his shot. We all began chatting and invited them onto our table (a huge guy was getting angry that we had the tables but were just chatting). So, we ended up hanging with some really cool people: One was a hot 30-something former cop/English major who was so incredibly funny (calling himself "pretty" all night). The other was a hot Austrailian surfer who was fairly quiet and shy, but a big book nerd. Creepy Joe was their friend who is creepy by night, but pretty decent by day (we ran into him at breakfast the next day). We. Had. So. Much. Fun.

Now the strange part: remember when all the Denver girls went out and we met all those miners? And one miner ended up buying the owl hat to make the Indian wear it in the mines? Well, the guys we met Saturday night all worked with them. They were gold miners who had actually worn the owl hat down in the mines (apparently it was passed around quite a bit). It was so awesome. Creepy Joe even got Alan (one of the guys from our last visit) on the phone to chat with Kort.

Again. So. Much. Fun.

The next day, after coming home too late and sleeping in too late, we got up, went to breakfast, to the spa, the pool, the naked caves, Starbucks, out for lunch, took a nap in Kort's truck, then drove home.

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