December 4, 2007

My Year in Review.

Started with a death and is likely ending with a divorce. I'd say I'm entitled to hate 2007.

And in case that isn't enough, here's a brief summary:

- struggled with scary night hallucinations all year that caused me to be shaken up, terrified, screaming, etc...toss in bouts of insomnia for flavor

- Josh's depression and subsequent withdrawal from us

- Calls and visits with my mom while she's drunk or high, hearing every other month that she has either been in jail, in rehab, raped, in the hospital, or found drunk in the streets of Utah.

- Dealing with asshole grandpa

- Stupid stomach problems that have yet to be solved

- 25th b-day completely ignored by husband, even after I told him it hurt me

- Money problems

- Finding out at the last minute that I actually had to take three more classes before I could graduate

- Pneumonia and bronchitis for a week...inevitably putting me behind in each of my classes

- Being put on probation at work for stupid, silly reasons

I know this all sounds so whiny. And there WERE some very good moments in there. But it just feels good to get it all out.
I really hope 2008 is better.

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