December 31, 2007

It's ending, a weekend review.

Saturday night: after we dropped Kayden off with his dad, I took Josh home and went to my tattoo consultation. I scheduled an appointment for March 1st. Then I went to dinner with Kort. I think this is why Josh is mad at me...because I went out instead of going home. Like I always do. If Kayden isn't home, I don't really feel like going home myself. We ended up playing pool, drinking, hanging out with our friend, Zak Attack. It was a somewhat mellow evening for me.

Sunday: Went to the art museum with my friend, Susan. She wanted to see the Louvre exhibit, which turned out to be kind of disappointing. It was mostly chairs and dishes and such. They were pretty and all, but not what I had been expecting. There was a Rembrandt piece, a Titian, and Breugel...but none were particularly great. Maybe I'm just an art snob.

As we drove back to my house, I confessed to Susan about the impending separation. At first she was like, "Oh nooooo...Kelli! Josh is such a great guy, though! Can't you work it out?" After we talked for about an hour and I explained my reasoning, she was totally behind me. She thinks, in these circumstances, it's the best thing for me and Kayden.

I had mentioned that I thought Josh was angry with me. But he's so passive-aggressive, that he'll never actually tell me. Sunday morning, he left to do some work at the office. He saw that I was awake and just waved to me. Yeah. A wave. He didn't come home until around 6-ish. That's fine if he's angry. But talk about it! Don't just pretend everything is fine and then ignore me all night.

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