December 17, 2007


Woot! I graduated and all.

So, I was a nervous wreck on Saturday morning...couldn't eat, had to vomit, etc. Once the ceremony actually started, I felt better. I didn't trip or anything. At one point while waiting for my name to be called, I looked out at the crowd. Holy shit. That was a lot of fucking people. My sleeve got caught on the stair railing onstage, but I took care of it quickly and don't think many people noticed.

Unfortunately, the ceremony was hugely impersonal and rushed. It wasn't alphabetized...we just handed them a card with our name on it and they read it. There were two people reading, one right after the other. So I was maybe on stage for about 5 seconds. Also, the ceremony was so big, they had these big screens set up...but once again, you're only onstage for about 5 seconds and on the camera for even less time. Because of this, my dad and Kayden completely missed seeing me on stage.

I got photos afterward, but once again, it was kind of crazy. Everyone wanted photos with me, but everything was so rushed and crowded that it didn't quite happen that way.

Oh, at one point during the ceremony, I glanced behind me and saw an ex-boyfriend. He was already staring at me and we exchanged a "oh, hey, I've seen you nekkid before" look. I smiled and turned around. Then I looked in my program for his name. He was such a cocky bastard when we were together. So I took great pride in noting that he didn't have "magna cum laude" and "college honors" below his name. ::looks smug::

Anyhow, the party afterward was SO MUCH FUN. I was the center of attention which alternately thrilled me and made me shy. I'm a little confused about whether to be an AW or not, I guess. Tracy and her family threw the party for me. They are so incredibly good to me (and Kayden). At the end, I thanked her husband for throwing such a great party. He replied, "We do that for all of our daughters..." I nearly cried.

Finally, the whole weekend was just awesome. So much fun. So great. And I'm done with school. For now.

Miss Kortney:
My awesome grandparents, who traveled from Wyoming:

And my dad, who traveled from Utah:

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