November 2, 2007

Work Woes.

I'm very efficient and hard-working...but there just isn't much work for me. I get it all done quickly and have hours of free-time. Because of this, I try to space out my day so I'm not just sitting around all afternoon. In my free time, I do my homework (which I was told by my boss that it was okay). Well, apparently "people" have complained that they feel they can't give me work to do because I'm "too busy doing my homework". I've made sure to not give off this impression. Whenever someone does ask if I'm busy, I say "absolutely not" and help them right away.

Because of all this, though, I'm in trouble. I don't open the mail quickly enough. I'm found doing my homework when a paper tray is empty. And according to my supervisor, she has personally witnessed visitors having to ring the front desk bell right in front of me to get my attention. That is total crap and I told her as much (but tactfully). But she insists that she's personally witnessed it on several occasions. How am I supposed to argue?

Basically, I'm getting really frustrated that none of my MANY contributions to this place get recognized. Instead I get in trouble for stupid little stuff. All of my work gets done quickly and on time. But none of that matters to these people. I'm at a loss.

So, I'm really starting to think I need to get out of here. The problem is, I don't want to go just anywhere to get away. I want to go somewhere that I can grow within the company, somewhere that interests me. Ideally, this would be a place where I could ultimately use my degree (publishing, editing, writing, etc.). However, I'm having difficulties tracking down such a job. And when I have seen openings, it would mean taking a $10K paycut. I just can't afford it. I could get a part-time job...I've done it before. But even so, I don't know if I could take that much of a paycut. Josh makes jack-shit at his job and has proven time and again that he has no plans to leave it, even if it would help me out a lot.

So because of all this, I'm feeling really frustrated, hopeless, and downright bummed out.

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