October 10, 2007

Poor Kayden.

He told me that, while his BFF at school is being nicer to him, he had no one to play with at recess yesterday. One group of kids told him that they already had too many players for their game (which was a make-believe dragons game). He said he sat on the wall the whole time and had nothing to do.

Now, he's a bit of a pouter like I was at his age. But it makes me so sad for him to feel like he has no one to play with at recess. I had literally one friend at a time until sixth grade. But I don't want him to go through that at school.

I explained that everyone goes through a time where they feel like no one wants to play with them. Then I asked if he could read a book (no...no books or toys allowed on the playground). They are allowed to bring a snack for recess, so I packed a snack for him. I said if he found himself sitting on the wall alone again, at least he could eat his snack.

Poor kid. I forget how hard it can be at that age. If you don't have anyone to play with, it can be so embarrassing. For me, I got used to being alone at such a young age that it never really bothered me. That's probably the reason why, now, I have no qualms about dining alone, going to a movie by myself, going on trips by myself, etc.

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